For optimal flavour and freshness, we recommend consuming our blends within 24 months of opening.

To keep your spices as fresh as possible, always store them somewhere free from light, air, and humidity. We strongly recommend keeping your spices in the resealable, compostable bag inside the food safe tube to shield them from humidity, which can cause your blends to clump up.

Yes! We currently have four certified organic spice blends, and are looking forward to increasing this collection as we grow. Our spices are certified by Ecocert Canada and are all GMO-free.

We spot check our blends for allergens, but our products do not currently come from certified allergen-free facilities. If you have a serious allergy or intolerance, we do not recommend taking the chance.

No, our salts and spice blends contain no artificial ingredients. All of our seasonings are all-natural and made from fresh and wholesome ingredients. Tastes better, feels better.

We’re a proudly Canadian company and blend our spices right here in North America. We work with partners to source specialty ingredients from around the world to bring you the best flavours possible. Who wants to live in a world without French grey sea salt, Mexican chilis and Vietnamese black pepper.

Yes, our tubes are fully recyclable and food-safe. Made from wood pulp, the tubes are BPA-free, printed with vegetable-based ink (ours is made from soybeans) and held together with non-toxic water-based glue. Although storing your blends inside the tubes is perfectly safe, we strongly recommend keeping your spices in the compostable bags to keep them from clumping together in high humidity.

We spend a lot of time coming up with exciting new flavour combinations, and we want to make sure our exclusive recipes stay top secret. We employ the collective terms “spices” and “herbs” to group individual components defined as spices and herbs by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (article B.07.001)

When it comes to food, costs can fluctuate for many reasons, and oftentimes are beyond our control: factors like supply and demand, transportation or import fees, labour costs, and other political or economic situations can all contribute to an ingredient’s accessibility. Even the climate makes a difference. Poor growing seasons, extreme temperatures, too little or too much rain and even pests attacking crops affect the scarcity of ingredients.

One thing’s for sure, we’re committed to ensuring our spices contain the highest-quality ingredients sourced sustainably so that you get the best spice blends and sea salts. Being a small business empowers us to take necessary action. 

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In order to bring you the freshest seasonings possible, we pack our spices and salts in resealable, compostable bags right after blending to reduce their exposure to air and humidity. While our tubes are fully food-safe, they do not have a liner as we opted for a recyclable design. The compostable bags are designed to prevent your blends from clumping up when exposed to humidity.