Fiery Sea Salt

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Weight: 88 grams

This fiery all-natural finishing salt is not for the faint of heart. Blending hand-harvested sea salt with authentic ghost peppers – aka Naga Jolokai, some of the hottest chilis around – it’s mouthwateringly spicy and dangerously addictive. Whether you’re adding a vibrant kick to char-grilled meats or just want a pop of heat on your avocado toast, it’ll leave your tastebuds tingling.

Also available in our Salt Collection.

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5 reviews

5 stars based on 5 reviews

16 Jan 2021
I’m obsessed with this salt!!! I use it on everything it’s so good. Just the right amount of spicyness.
07 Jun 2020
Edith Cordeau-Giard
Un must pour tous les amoureux de piquant! J'adore le sel et le piquant, ce qui en fait l'épice la plus utilisée à la maison! J'en mets absolument partout, je m'invente même des fringales pour pouvoir en ajouter!
01 May 2020
My family uses this on everything !!! Adds just the right amount of heat to any meal it is by far the most used spice in my house.
08 May 2019
I tried this salt at Carrefour Laval on Pineapple - what a show stopper! I can't wait to impress my guests with grilled pineapple this summer! I've also loved this on eggs and avocado toast.
18 Jan 2019
Ce sel marie à merveille le salé et le piquant. Son goût est exceptionnel. Très bon dans les Bloody Caesar aussi ! Bravo !

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