Holy Grail Garlic Salt

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Guaranteed to elevate any meal, this bright and herbal blend of sea salt, parsley and garlic is the holy grail of weeknight cooking. Shake over broiled fish, or rub onto chicken before roasting. Add to mashed potatoes for a fresh pop of flavour. Or sprinkle into gourmet olive oil and serve with crusty baguette for a quick and easy starter. Your quest for the perfect all-natural finishing salt is over.

Also available in our Salt Collection.

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9 reviews

5 stars based on 9 reviews

19 May 2020
Samantha B.W.
This is the spice my pantry has been missing! Sometimes salt and better doesn't cut it. This garlic salt kicks up every recipe and really brings out the flavour. Just a pinch or two goes a long way.
15 May 2020
I’ve never tasted a better garlic salt. Sprinkle this on everything for extra flavour. I especially like it on veggies.
14 May 2020
Je n’ai jamais goûté à du bon sel d’ail comme celui-ci
21 Apr 2020
Ashley Regimbal
This garlic salt is by far my favourite I’ve ever tried! It adds amazing flavour to any and every dish! I only bought it about a month ago and I’ve already used it all up! Super recommended!
21 Aug 2019
Seriously, so delicious! I've added this to many dishes since purchasing and it adds such great flavour. Amazing on a BLT.
24 Jul 2019
Already need more! This salt makes preparing salad dressings quick and easy and is awesome for corn....
18 Jan 2019
Belle découverte! Délicieux sur les légumes au four.
26 Nov 2018
The. Best. Garlic. Salt.
No contest. Makes a great little gift!
21 Nov 2018
Mmmmm this salt is so good!! It’s the perfect blend of garlic and salt and it adds a yummy flavour to anything you make it with. I’m trying it on popcorn next.

Sea Salt, Garlic, Parsley