Organic Sunday Roast

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Weight: 120 grams

This classic small-batch spice mix is your last-minute meal saviour. An aromatic blend of piney rosemary, crushed black pepper and French grey sea salt, this organic seasoning instantly elevates everything from one-pot wonders to a full Sunday roast. Sprinkle into weeknight soups and pastas, or rub onto chicken and fingerling potatoes before roasting – and don’t be surprised if your guests show up next Sunday, too.

Also available in our Everyday Delicious Collection.

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Elevate everything from grilled veggies to your classic Sunday roast with this aromatic blend of piney rosemary, black pepper and French grey sea salt. 85 grams.
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21 Nov 2018
Sunday Roast is a literal burst of flavour. I just couldn’t believe it when I tried it. It was like the best flavours exploded in my mouth when I tried them. Can’t wait to try this on a steak! Yum!!

Garlic*, Spices*, Herbs*, French Gray Sea Salt (*organic)

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