Organic Sweet Jamaican Jerk

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Weight: 120 grams

Liven up your grill with this organic Jamaican jerk rub. Bursting with aromatic allspice and a smouldering sweetness, it’s a fiery all-natural blend perfect for grilled chicken. But with its addictively complex flavour – thanks to over a dozen blended-to-order ingredients, like peppery horseradish, sweet paprika and cayenne – it also makes an unforgettable dry rub for steaks and oven-baked tofu. Serve with coconut rice and ice-cold beer.

Also available in our Smoke & Fire Collection.

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4 reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews

03 May 2019
My secret weapon for eating healthy(ier)!
30 Nov 2018
Absolument délicieux avec le poulet rôti!!! Nous avons simplement frotté les pièces de viande avec les épices à la jerk pour obtenir un repas rapide et vraiment goûteux!
24 Nov 2018
Helen L
Nancy B put me on to this spice and to Kanel. I made my mothers tourtiere recipe and substituted cloves with the Organic Sweet Jamaican Jerk. I never thought the tourtiere could taste so much better. Bravo Kanel!!!
I can't wait to try the other spices.
22 Nov 2018
Nancy B
This fast and tasty pasta sauce recipe will go from boring to wow in 15 minutes. The secret is I bloomed 1 tbsp. of Organic Sweet Jamaican Jerk in 1 tbsp. of canola oil on low heat till I could smell the sweet spices. I added 2 pints of cherry tomatoes, 1 large chopped onion 2 cloves are garlic covered the pot and and cooked over medium heat till tomatoes burst. Add 1 jar of good marinara sauce and cook for 5 more minutes ; blend with an immersion blender and voila a terrific all purpose sauce with a Jamaican twist. I added a tsp of sugar and another tsp. of Kanel Sweet Jerk.

Spices*, Sugar*, Sea Salt, Red Bell Pepper*, Chili Pepper Extract*, Red Chili*, Garlic*, Horseradish*, Onion*, Orange Peel*, Natural Smoke Flavour (*organic)