Sesame Hazelnut Dukka

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Weight: 120 grams

With toasted sesame, fragrant cumin and roasted hazelnuts and almonds, this savoury all-natural spice mix adds a satisfying crunch to everything from hummus to roasted vegetables. Try it Egyptian-style, mixed into high quality olive oil and served with warm flatbread. Or sprinkle it over a cozy fall harvest soup for a salty, nutty kick and an extra helping of plant-based protein.

Also available in our Crunch Time Collection.

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2 reviews

4 stars based on 2 reviews

26 Oct 2020
Je le trouve fade, malgré que j'en mets 10 ml sur ma seule assiette. C'est vrai que ça rajoute du croquant, mais pour le prix, je me tournerai vers les autres épices.
16 Nov 2018
I've had this sprinkled on tomatoes, hummus, scrambled eggs ... I'm basically looking for any and all excuse to use it! It gives me crunch and savour exactly where I need it, and takes away my burning desire to add carbs to everything. I'm a slave to the dukka. And it's only been a week.

Toasted Sesame Seeds, Hazelnuts, Spices, Sea Salt, Almonds. Contains: Sesame Seeds, Hazelnuts, Almonds