Smoked Chorizo Rub

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Weight: 120 grams

Infuse the salty, smoky flavour of chorizo into any dish with this full-bodied all-natural spice blend. Bursting with toasted cumin, authentic hickory smoked sea salt and sweet smoked paprika – aka pimentón – it adds a rich and complex kick to beef, chicken and tofu, and makes a seriously delicious barbecue sauce. Try it in your next bean-and-veggie chili and see if anyone misses the meat.

Also available in our Smoke & Fire Collection.

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3 reviews

5 stars based on 3 reviews

19 Mar 2020
We rubbed this delicious blend of spices on our pork chops tonight prior to grilling them. They were simply amazing. Loved it!
19 Oct 2019
J’ai faite une recette à patate à déjeuner avec cette épice . Un vrai succès
08 May 2019
This has become a staple in our house - the salesgirl recommended this in pasta sauce (which we loved, thanks Camy!), but I also love it in slow cooker chili and sprinkled on eggs. Yum!

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