Stockholm Lemon & Dill

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Weight: 110 grams

Inspired by the classic Scandinavian combo of fragrant dill, zesty lemon and salt-cured salmon, this fresh and herbal all-natural blend is perfect for brightening grilled fish – and tastes just as good with chicken, potatoes and even scrambled eggs. Try it mixed into sour cream OR yogurt for a satisfyingly creamy vegetable dip you can feel good about serving the kids.

Also available in our Everyday Delicious Collection.

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6 reviews

4,9 stars based on 6 reviews

19 May 2020
Samantha B.W.
This blend has become a staple in our kitchen. I've used it on just about everything from salon to roasted potatoes.
14 May 2020
J’ai adoré dans mes salades et poissons
24 Jul 2019
Fish, sweet potato fries, cold summer salads all NEED this blend.
07 Jul 2019
J’ai utilisé ce mélange avec des crevettes et du poisson. Délicieux !
26 Apr 2019
This has become a staple in our kitchen that we can’t live without! So great on fish or roasted veggies. We throw it into a jar with kefir and mayo to make a quick ranch style dressing that always impresses!
07 Mar 2019
Mon épice chouchou, j'en met partout!! Dans mes salades, sur mes légumes grillés, sur mon poisson, dans ma sauce tartare, je l'utilise même pour faire une merveilleuse trempette! Mes enfants adorent!

Lemon Peel, Herbs, Onion, Garlic, Sea Salt, Black Pepper