Summer Black Truffle Salt

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Weight: 78 grams

Rich, earthy and seductive, our Italian black truffles are lovingly summer-harvested, then generously blended with premium Italian sea salt for an exquisite taste of luxury. Impress your guests with decadently creamy truffle risotto, or sprinkle over cacio e pepe for a deceptively simple gourmet feast. This truffle salt has no artificial flavours, you’ll find yourself craving its pungent depth of flavour nightly.

Also available in our Salt Collection.

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4 reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews

19 May 2020
LOVE this salt! A little goes a long way with flavour. I add it to popcorn, grilled or roasted veggies, avocado toast and even to steak to finish it off.
29 Jul 2019
I am OBSESSED with this salt! It’s is so good on practically anything! The other day, I had guests over, made a charcuterie platter and sprinkled some of the salt on it (meats and cheeses)...It was such a hit!!!
29 Jul 2019
This salt is now a staple in my kitchen. It's amazing!!!! And, makes an amazing gift :)
26 Nov 2018
This stuff is amazing. If you haven’t tried truffle salt do yourself a favour and put it on anything - eggs, avocado, popcorn, potatoes - your guests will think you’re a magician in the kitchen.

Italian Black Truffles, Sea Salt