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We’re not playing around with this one. Our Grande is all that and more, containing nine of our most beloved spice blends and 3 of our most iconic sea salts. For anyone looking to make weeknight meal prep easier and who adores a variety of flavours in their arsenal, this collection is, in a word, EVERYTHING. It’s what you need to get your Kanel kitchen set up properly. And then some. A savings of $12!

    - Holy Grail Garlic Salt
    - Summer Black Truffle Salt
    - Quebec Maple Smoked Salt
    - Stockholm Lemon & Dill
    - A Sprinkle of Sunshine
    - Fresh Salted Peppercorns
    - Butcher's Block
    - La Vita è Bella
    - Aglio Napoletano
    - Montreal Bagel Spice
    - Sweet & Smoky Rub
    - Louisiana Fried Chicken

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