Organic Louisiana Fried Chicken

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Weight: 120 grams

Inspired by southern-style fried chicken, this lightly spiced organic blend balances fragrant herbs and wholesome garlic with peppery heat. Shake with chicken thighs and drumsticks then oven-roast with root veggies for a gourmet sheet pan dinner, or go all out and use it in your flour dredge for all-natural fried chicken even grandma would love.

Also available in our Smoke & Fire Collection.

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7 reviews

5 stars based on 7 reviews

26 Feb 2021
I use this when making home made chicken/turkey burgers with ground meat. Makes them taste delish!
26 Oct 2020
Parmi mes préférés! Un must, puisque cette boîte s'agence avec tout: potage, patates au four, poulet, tofu. Ma fille l'ajoute même dans son macaroni au fromage.
05 Jun 2020
A delicious blend of spices. Nice and light and perfect on chicken.
22 Mar 2020
I’m not vegetarian but let me tell you this was a hit. everyone trying this spice loved it. You don’t get sick of this spice and it won’t last in your cubboard!
12 Jan 2020
Tout simplement délicieux avec poulet. Plus capable de m’en passer.
08 May 2019
As a vegetarian, I've loved this on everything from cauliflower to tofu to roasted chickpeas! So delicious alone or mixed with an equal part of panko for a crispy coating.
18 Nov 2018
Nancy B
I combined 1/4 best quality mayo with 1 tbsp. of Louisiana Fried chicken and spread it on a roasting chicken not knowing what the results would be. Well, my friends, my roasted chicken turned out to be a Mardi Gras feast. Can't wait to try the other spices. Winner!!!

Sea Salt, Garlic*, Onion*, Spices*, Herbs*, Red Bell Pepper*, Green Bell Pepper*, Orange Peel* (*organic)