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Our Story

Kanel was founded by a crew of food and wellness-loving women in Montreal, Quebec. Juggling full-time jobs, families, and social lives, we wanted to make (and eat!) home-cooked meals we were excited about. While we found it easier than ever to shop for amazing veggies, grains and proteins, the grocery store spice aisle left us feeling uninspired.

We knew we could be better. So we created our own collection of perfectly balanced spice blends using real, premium ingredients. No preservatives. No fillers. No hidden allergens. And absolutely, positively no artificial flavourings.

Today, we’re proud to bring you exciting flavours and fresh ingredients from around the world, from sustainable sources we trust. Our all-natural salts and spice blends make home cooking easier, faster – and more delicious than ever.

Welcome to our table.

Our Products

From experimenting with the latest food trends to travelling the world, we’re all about discovering unique flavours. We expertly balance different notes and taste profiles to craft unexpected blends for everyone from kitchen-phobic novices to adventurous home cooks.

We use the freshest herbs and spices to bring you the boldest flavours possible, obsessively testing for quality and spot-checking for allergens. Our thoughtfully sourced gourmet blends are free from artificial ingredients, and certified organic where possible.

Combining surprising ingredients from around the world, our spices are blended to order in small batches to bring you the most exciting and creative flavour profiles we can dream up. We work with expert blenders to create the freshest, most unexpectedly delicious rubs and seasonings you’ve ever tasted.

Our Company

We believe that cooking shouldn’t feel like a chore, which is why we’re all about easy-to-use blends and intuitive accessories. Whether you’re working long hours or a time-strapped new parent, our products make discovering and sharing new flavours easy.

Though we’re far from perfect, we’re working hard to make the world a better, friendlier, more delicious place through responsible decision-making. We try to operate with integrity and thoughtfulness, choosing partners who share our values. Sustainability is a big priority for our growing brand, and we make it a point to refrain from using needless plastic and excess packaging. Instead, we use compostable bags, recyclable tubes, and FSC® certified paper in our packaging whenever possible.

Based in Montreal, Kanel is led by a small team of food-loving female entrepreneurs. We wanted to build a company we could believe in – innovative and ambitious, but also flexible, encouraging and family-friendly. We’re passionate about sustainability and believe food has the power to bring people together – and should be crazy delicious when it does.

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