Family Faves
Family Faves
Family Faves

Family Faves

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Behind Kanel is a team of hard-working moms who know all about the ups and downs of feeding our kids and making healthy meals they’ll love. If you’re a time-strapped parent, our blends are made to make your life—or even just your weekdays—a little easier. You won’t find anything too spicy or intense in this selection, just bright, kid-friendly flavours that they’ll happily devour any night of the week. Best of all, this selection of blends has received a stamp of approval from the pickiest critics of all: our kids. A savings of $5!

    - Holy Grail Garlic Salt
    - Organic Sunday Roast
    - Sweet & Smoky Rub
    - Stockholm Lemon & Dill
    - A Sprinkle of Sunshine
    - Montreal Bagel Spice

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